The antisocial networks

The antisocial networks

I could be blocked on Facebook for the umpteenth time, but they cannot force me to shut up, Facebook is an antisocial, undemocratic and manipulative network like the empire that created and supports it.

But I will not leave, they would definitely have to block me because not everyone hates and destroys, because only from the inside I can help to unmask them, and because furthermore, we the revolutionaries never give up.

Those of us, who are followers of Jose Marti, who are from the side of those who "love and found", we get block us and they have the cynicism to inform us that do so for "instigating hatred" after responding that we are not afraid of those who accuse us of henchmen and threaten to deprive us of life " when the Cuban Revolution collapses”.

And that, just to express what we think to those who say that they defend the freedom of expression. Shameless and insolent as they are, as if bringing my people to their knees was an easy task.

I know what happens to them. They had planned everything to the millimeter, they thought that with so many problems and shortcomings, the people had lost their patriotic spirit and did not even remember Fidel, that Cuba would dismay like those countries where socialism arrived on top of liberating, foreign tanks.

They created a virtual reality so overwhelming that someone come to doubt that the calm that their eyes are seeing is true.

A son from Miami told his father in Santa Clara several days after the events. What are you doing on the streets? They are going to kill you. The father replied: I'm buying the bread, that was on Sunday, the streets are quiet.

But the truth is that both the instigators who took advantage of the difficult situation that we went through in the first place as a result of the imperial siege, as well as the vandals who created disorders on our streets that Sunday, were backfired.

The protagonists of hatred, the stone throwers against sick children, they went to the streets for "wool" in the sense of money. And they came out shorn, or rather, peeled, torn, without time to collect the money, without dignity and without honor. And they will have to answer for their actions.

However, here we are those who we love, with our heads held high, worthy, with the happiness of being loyal to Fidel, and willing to do whatever it takes to improve the country, except what the enemy asks us to do.