Governor of Villa Clara tours the productive pole of Cacahual

Governor of Villa Clara tours the productive pole of Cacahual

With the purpose at promoting the deteriorated swine production, the governor of Villa Clara, Alberto Lopez Diaz, visited the Swine UEB of Placetas, while he also toured the lands of the budding productive pole of Cacahual.

The municipality of Placetas, considered by the connoisseurs to be the mecca of the Cuban swine production, because in its moments of splendor it produced more tons of pork meat than several Cuban provinces combined, it is looking for alternatives to gradually emerge from the productive doldrums, so the objective of the visit by the provincial government authority was to verify both the progress and the prospects on the field.

After receiving a detailed explanation on how to work in the medium term to return to the meat production levels of the past, with alternatives of acquiring feed in Freely Convertible Currency, a project that involves 18 advanced producers, as was explained by the director of the Swine UEB of Placetas, Jose Ramirez Gonzalez, one of the most knowledgeable in the country in pig farming.

Lopez Diaz also toured the newly enlisted lands for corn crops at the productive pole of Cacahual, located a few dozen kilometers away from the municipal seat. There, the governor of Villa Clara was interested in the yields to be achieved and the limitations of resources to continue clearing the lands, which are infested with aroma and marabou.

The government authority also visited the lands of the Rafael Santana Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA), planted with cassava destined for animal feed.

Placetas, due to its experience and its viable alternatives to recover the impoverished meat production, is an essential part of the commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure the change of the swine dietary matrix, which must depend less and less on imported feed, which the country is not in a position to continue buying, and much more on the nationally manufactured feed, such as cassava and protein plants.

Despite the adverse realities of raising the so-called national mammal, today in Cuba, Placetas is committed to increasing the production of pork meat with its own alternatives and thus demonstrating that along this path of nutritional autonomy, the amount of previous years can be recovered and once again be the largest pork producing municipality in Cuba.

Alain Rodriguez Leon, delegate of Agriculture; the president of the People´s Power of the municipality, Eduardo Rodriguez Cabrera; its mayor, Eduardo Enrique Perez Reyes, and Jorge Luis Leiva Carrazana, representative of the Cattle Business Group; along with Serguei Martin Guerra, first secretary of the Party in the municipality of Placetas, also participated in the exchange tour.