Putting in practice the solidarity

Putting in practice the solidarity

From the farm of the local producer Nelson Hernandez Perez, and destined for Matanzas, one of the provinces most affected by the impact of the COVID-19 in Cuba, departed around two hundred and fifty quintals of pumpkin.

An example of the altruistic work of the peasants of Quemado de Guines, men with their feet and their hearts in the furrows, who in these times of contingency also extended their solidary arms to the territories in need, at the same time that, in this very municipality, the local producers have also donated a group of their products to the isolation centers.

Like him, other ninety-five countrymen have accepted the Law 358, a decree-law that allows the delivery and the exploitation of the state lands in order to boost the food production.

More than nine months have passed since Nelson started operating the irrigation machines in the areas of his farm, in order to boost the local food production; which brought benefits to this producer both for his family´s economy and for the eminently agricultural municipality, where he works in the search for food sovereignty.

From the area where an agricultural culture stands out appealing to polyculture, in order to take advantage of each space of land, the will to produce with adherence to science and technology becomes evident. This was evident during the harvest of the pumpkin crop, of the INIVIT 2010 variety, which has reached yields close to the twenty-three tons per hectare.

According to this farmer, who has dedicated himself for years to cattle ranching and sugarcane activity, for him it was a dream to dedicate himself to cultivate various crops. This dream materialized when he received the previously unproductive irrigation machine, and the lands where weeds used to grow, for which he endorsed the premise of producing despite the enormous challenges imposed by an agriculture lacking on inputs to combat the weeds or to fertilize the soils.

Today, among the crops that predominate in the area, are corn, cassava, sweet potato, among other crops that exhibit excellent productive potential in these red soils, belonging to the Agricultural Enterprise of Quemado de Guines.

The agricultural activity incorporated his children, a pride for Nelson, a peasant who walks satisfied, because the relief in these fields is assured.