Update on the COVID-19 in Villa Clara: 285 new positive cases

Update on the COVID-19 in Villa Clara: 285 new positive cases

This Wednesday, July 21st, 285 new positive cases to the COVID-19 were diagnosed in Villa Clara. Also, the death of a 42-year-old resident of Santa Clara is mourned.

The Molecular Biology Laboratory of the province processed 1,003 PCR tests, of them: 855 samples belonged to residents of Villa Clara.

Likewise, there were 1,617 patients admitted at the provincial hospital network with active COVID-19. Meanwhile, 428 patients, who were infected with the new coronavirus, received the medical discharge in the last hours.

The incidence rate in the province is currently of 614.03 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, out of 5, which is the established rate for the stage of new normality. The municipalities with the highest incidence rates in the last 15 days are Sagua la Grande, with 1453, Quemado de Guines, with 1024, Santa Clara, with 847.39, and Corralillo, with 704.94.

Also, 1,565 patients who are suspects of having the disease are currently being studied at the different isolation centers of the province. In home isolation, including the quarantined zones, there are 20,771 homes, for a total of 55,065 people. Similarly, 126 international travelers, who arrived in the country, are currently staying at the isolation centers and tourism facilities of Villa Clara.

Information Source: Dr. Gretza Sanchez Padron, director of Public Health in Villa Clara, Dr. Neil Reyes Miranda, director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, and Milaxis Sanchez, vice-governor of the territory.