Remote work in Villa Clara, a priority against the COVID-19

Remote work in Villa Clara, a priority against the COVID-19

Around 68 thousand workers are welcomed in Villa Clara to embrace remote work, amid a strong outbreak of new positive cases to the COVID-19. This work modality contributes to the reduction in the number of contacts among the working people and the transmission rate of the new coronavirus.

Yamile Lopez Yanez, deputy director of employment at the provincial department of labor and social security of Villa Clara, told the press that this figure could be increased based on a greater insistence with the directors of the entities in those positions that allow working from home.

There are 1,817 people currently in teleworking and 23,354 people in other tasks from their homes, among new work variants, while 174 mothers took advantage of the benefits offered by the Cuban State for the care of their children in the face of the spread of the pandemic, she added.

She insisted on the need for the state entities to promote more actions from homes and that only those essential centers for production and services should remain open.

There are 4,524 people in Villa Clara with salary guarantees and the challenge is to relocate them into the necessary tasks in these times, from home when possible or as pharmacy messengers and social helpers in quarantined areas, she said.

Lopez Yanez said that the open centers are maintained with the essential staff and with the strict maintenance of the hygienic-sanitary measures against the transmission of the SARS-Cov-2.

She highlighted that the large industries of Villa Clara, such as the Mechanical Plant, the INPUD, and the Sarex Company, which require a greater number of active workers to carry out their functions, do so in different shifts in order to avoid overcrowding.