The splendor of the Cuban Revolution will never be turned off

The splendor of the Cuban Revolution will never be turned off

In several parts of Santa Clara, the voices of the new generations that are on the side of reason and justice were raised, the heritage of this society that has risen from the conquest of freedom since January 1959.

The genuine voice of the people of Villa Clara resounded this Saturday in Santa Clara with a verb of peace, of courage and a reminder for the forgetful, crouching in the shadow of the Yankee empire, showing that the future in Cuba belongs to the Cuban Revolution.

In the morning, during a ceremony of revolutionary reaffirmation carried out on the esplanade in front of the headquarters of the Provincial People's Court, the claims of the people were heard clearly.

We want peace and tranquility, but never at the cost of lowering our heads before the new annexationists and criminals who dance to the rhythm of the script of the empire and the Cuban-American mafia.

That forceful message emerged in the words of the speakers who lead the political and mass organizations of the province, and in the voices of the participants who chanted, as the deepest expression of their revolutionary sentiments: “We are Fidel”.

There, young students together with workers, peasants, housewives, students ... in short, that amalgam that makes up our society, made it clear that the splendor of the Cuban Revolution will not be extinguished.

Yohana Torres Saco, first secretary of the Communist Youth Union in Villa Clara, after listing the well-known lies against our country, emphasized that the new generations are on the side of the reason and the justice, the heritage of this society that has risen after conquering freedom since January of 1959.

The anger for the counterrevolutionary offense of last Sunday prevailed at the ceremony, as that offense was accompanied not only with words, but with clearly criminal and aggressive acts.