The Homeland summons one again the revolutionaries of Villa Clara

The Homeland summons one again the revolutionaries of Villa Clara

The areas surrounding the Provincial People's Court of Villa Clara, a place where the young lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz conducted his first self-defense in December of 1950, was attacked by the revolutionaries of Villa Clara after the convocation made by the Homeland.

The people, together leaders and workers from the different social and economic sectors, from very early of last Saturday, July 17th, mobilized towards this place to defend and endorse their attachment to the Cuban Revolution, described by our undefeated Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, as a revolution made of the humble, by the humble, and for the humble.

And even in the midst of the tense and complex epidemiological situation that is hitting the province, like the entire country, men and women from the various institutions and workplaces gathered there to express their rejection of the cowardly attacks of our enemies.

Once again the strength of this people was activated to face the maneuvers and provocations of the individuals who, in the name of democracy and freedom, have sold their souls to the empire for a few dollars, under the label of mercenaries.

Everyone there was infected, but not by the pandemic, but by the great revolutionary fervor that heated the place, turned into a patriotic revelry as a sign that this is a people shielded from fear, fighting for the future of the nation and the family.

Revolutionary slogans, and speeches characterized this invitation in defense of the sovereignty, the independence, the unity and the determination to defend the conquests at the price that was necessary, in the face of the provocations orchestrated by the wage earners of the empire.

Another overwhelming proof that Cuba belongs to the Cubans, as are all its streets and the enemies have not realized that they are generating more Revolution.