CMHW Editorial: We are still alive and in combat

CMHW Editorial: We are still alive and in combat

With an ear to the ground to listen to the people to rectify what is necessary, the 2021, without anyone doubting it, has to be better.

At last we have concluded the 2020, we did not say goodbye, as we would like to erase it and to forget the hardships we suffered during this year. Our people, informed and highly educated and politically conscious, cannot be mistaken; the main cause of these had to do with the intensification of the blockade and the relentless persecution of the most ruthless Yankee president, together with the brutal effects on our economy of a pandemic that brought the world to its knees.

Because we are firm, we are here, in a scenario as severe as that of the decade of the 90´s, but with power supply. There are no blackouts and there is a lighted path to keep going.

Not only do we maintain our unwavering fighting spirit that prohibits the use of the word surrender, but we have also been able to defy all dangers and to share the fate of dozens of sister peoples in the confrontation with this terrible pandemic, under the leadership of our health personnel.

There is no insurmountable challenge for a Cuban citizen. Neither the application of title three of the Helms-Burton Act, nor the most cruel and inhumane persecution, could make us give up our efforts to remain free and independent. We could not get used to living without having a country, whose independence was forged from the cry of Cespedes until the definitive victory achieved under the accurate leadership of Fidel.

This year 2020 also proves that it is not about the stubborn clinging to an idea of ​​the historical generation or the one that was directly educated by it, because even our children have love for freedom, for equal rights and for equity planted in their genes in which the Revolution educated us and they have shone through these months of pandemic serving as an example for their disciplined and responsible behavior even to their own parents.

When the death toll from the COVID approaches two million people on the planet, our country, with its economy strained, has not suffered the death of a child or a pregnant woman due to it, which is recognized by the people who trust in the selfless work of its best talents, thanks to which four vaccine candidates against the COVID-19 are already being tested.

After decreasing by 11 percent in 2020, the New Year begins with the application of the ordering task that should encourage both the work and the production. The last few days proved once again that only a revolutionary government like ours listens and beats with its people and that it is not a ritual phrase to affirm that no one will be left helpless. Taking the essential leap in the national production and by avoiding the imports into the country of what can be produced here is the best service that Cuba demands today.

Motivating the social outbreak from the cruel deficiencies was the spent card the empire played, but we are still alive and in combat. There is no soft blow capable of intimidating a people educated by Fidel, that vibrates with its history, and in which the tenderness of the children and the hardness of steel are united.

The empire and its herd of annexationists will be confronted and defeated once again by a swarm of revolutionaries on any stage. With an ear to the ground to listen to the people to rectify what is necessary, the 2021, without anyone doubting it, has to be better.