For more smiles at the classrooms in Villa Clara

For more smiles at the classrooms in Villa Clara

The 2020 was an extremely complex year in all the aspects of the daily life, and the sector of education in Villa Clara once again demonstrated the resilience and the power to overcome the obstacles of each of all its workers.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 also tested our students' ability to grow in the times of crisis. At the end of a complex school stage, Dr. Liem O'Farrill Mons, Provincial Director of Education, assessed the main results until the end of December of 2020.

The teaching coverage in the 2020 was qualitatively higher than in the previous years, as it increased to the 96%. In order to comply with all the established health measures in the midst of the current pandemic, a total of 5,727 groups were created during the 2020-2021 academic year, thus representing an increase of 1,176 groups compared to the previous 2019-2020 academic year.

Likewise, the repair and maintenance plan was continued, and the improvement actions were carried out to guarantee the hygienic-sanitary conditions of both the workers and the students.

Regarding the continuity of studies, Liem O'Farrill explained that in both the elementary and secondary education, the 100% of the students continued their study progression. Of the 12th-grade graduates, a good part of the students gained access to a university major via the different admission routes to the higher education, and despite the difficult circumstances, about 2,112 students sat the admission exams.

With these and other details offered at the radio summary, the educational system in Villa Clara dismissed the year 2020. Having many requirements met and many challenges overcome despite the harsh impact of the COVID-19, and also of some unexpected changes at the classrooms.

Congratulations to everyone, the professors and the students, and may the 2021 also bring many smiles at the classrooms.