This Friday, April 9th, Villa Clara reported 19 new positive cases to the COVID-19, all of which were autochthonous; of them, 1 patient from Sagua la Grande did not have a specified source of infection. In addition, 17 locals who were infected with the new coronavirus received the medical discharge in the last hours.

In Camajuani, Yoani Aguilar Sierra, who served as a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Party, serving the political-ideological sphere, was promoted to First Secretary of its Municipal Bureau. In Santa Clara, the plenary meeting appointed Dilkis Ponce Exposito as the First Secretary of its Municipal Bureau, who was serving as the First Secretary of the Party in Camajuani.

Even when our capacity for astonishment seems to have been rendered useless after a year of COVID-19 pandemic, we are still moved by the stories written every day in a battle against both the disease and death.

By dint of love, intelligence and courage, the Special Education celebrates the 59 years after being created in the central region of Cuba, next Saturday April 10th, despite the battle against the damages inflicted by the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the country by the U.S. government.

With good productive forecasts, the potato harvest in Villa Clara entered its final stretch in the four municipalities that planted the potatoes, as was confirmed by the engineer Adalberto Machado, specialist in charge of cultivation at the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture.