Pain in Argentina, the great Maradona dies

Pain in Argentina, the great Maradona dies

Still shocked by the news, hundreds of followers of Diego Armando Maradona today mourn the great Diego Armando Maradona upon learning of his death after a cardiorespiratory arrest, local media reported today.

Several informational portals, among them C5N, Olé and TyC Sport, point out that at noon the great Pelusa suffered a decompensation for which several ambulances showed up at his house in Tigre, where he has resided for about two weeks after undergoing an operation for a subdural hematoma from which you are recovering.

The great Diego Armando Maradona, who fought for his life until his last breath as well as in the land where he gave so much joy, left Argentina today an orphan, spechless because of his physical departure.

As a paradox of destiny, the Diego of the people said goodbye four years after the physical disappearance of a man who loved him very much, who saved his life in one of the hardest moments of his career and whom he considered a father, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

This death hurts very much in the hearts of hundreds of Argentineans who are living in a state of atony this first hour after the hard news were known, and while the images run on TV with that prodigious left hand he had and those victories he gave to the Albiceleste, many do not believe, refuse to believe that this almost cursed 2020 is also taking the great Ten.

Diego flirted so much with death that many are reluctant to believe it is true, a commentator was heard with a broken voice.

A pure breed revolutionary, defender of the most just causes and who never gave up on those principles, although in his beloved Argentina many turned their backs on him in his hardest moments, thousands are today crying for this sporting hero, who could not overcome death by a respiratory arrest after undergoing an operation for a subdural hematoma from which he was recovering.

The news is still recent, but already by these hours thousands of fans take to the streets, united in pain, to give thanks, eternal thanks, to the great Diego of the people.