Appointed Villa Clara Baseball Team for the upcoming national baseball series

Appointed Villa Clara Baseball Team for the upcoming national baseball series

With the presence of the main authorities of the province, the new Villa Clara Baseball Team was appointed for the upcoming national baseball series.

The Villa Clara Baseball Team is a team that can never be ruled out, said Ernesto Reynoso Pinero, national baseball director, when its final payroll was officially announced in the presence of Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, first secretary of the party in the territory, and Alberto Diaz Lopez, governor of the province.

Hopefully the words of Reynoso Pinero will serve as an incentive for the orange team during the 60th National Baseball Series in order to improve the image of the previous season in which they performed their worst matches in their history, by staying in the position number 13 in the country.

For next season, the Villa Clara Baseball Team will have renewed its payroll, which includes 24 men from those who participated in the previous series. Seven newcomers will appear on the list, in addition, the receiver Jesus Olivera Leon, the infielder Magdiel Alfredo Gomez Ciscal, will return to the province, after playing for Las Tunas, and the pitcher Eriel Carrillo Suarez, who played for Matanzas during the 2018-2019 baseball series.

The manager of the Villa Clara Baseball Team was happy with the final cast that he will direct, while also highlighted the unity of his pupils and stressed that the pitching must be the greatest strength of this group.

Of the rookies, he noted that the outfielder Luis Dario Machado Santana has excelled a lot for his strong hitting. He also highlighted the skills of Cristian Leandro Rodriguez Jimenez, an 18-year-old infielder. He also had words of praise for Yuri Marcos Fernandez for the strength of his hits.

At the meeting in which the members of the Villa Clara Baseball Team were revealed, the baseball leader Ernesto Reynoso raised some news for the upcoming series. For example, changes can only be made in matches 30, 60 and 74 while reinforcements will be requested in the semifinal and final phases.

Since they play for the first time at the national baseball championships, the Orange team has climbed to the podium nineteen times, with five crowns, ten subtitles and four third places.

Description of the Villa Clara Baseball Team:

The batch of players is headed by (4) Yulexis La Rosa Aguila (QDO), the oldest with twenty seasons and 41 years of age. Along with him are Julio Enrique Miranda Manso (REM), Jesus Olivera Leon (REM) and Leonardo Montero Alfonso (SCL- Rookie).

The infielders (10) will be Walter Orlando Pacheco Abreu (SCL), Juan Carlos Lopez Rojas (CAM), Roberto Antonio Acea Santovenia (SAG), Randy Rolando Portal Jimenez (REM), Ariel Alejandro Diaz Paret (SCL- Rookie), Yeniet Perez Romero (REM), Yuri Marcos Fernandez de Armas (SCL- Rookie), Cristian Leandro Rodriguez Jimenez (CIF-Rookie), Raidel Pedraza Fernandez (SCL) and Magdiel Alfredo Gomez Ciscal (SCL).

The list of gardeners (6) includes Yurien Vizcaino Rodriguez (SCL), Raul Reyes Ortega (SCL), Andy Zamora Farre (COR), Otoniel Gonzalez Veliz (CAM), Mailon Tomas Alonso Toledo (SCL) and Luis Dario Machado Santana (SCL-Rookie)

The international Freddy Asiel Alvarez Saez (COR) leads the list of pitchers (14), seconded by Alain Sánchez Machado (CIF), Pablo Luis Guillen Diaz (SCL), Javier Mirabal Espinosa (PLA) and Yasmany Hernandez Rojas (ENC).

Also on the team are the pitchers Pedro Manuel Castillo Perez (MAN), Oscar Hernandez Horta (SCL), Randy Cueto Perez (CAM), Jose David Ruiz Calcines (SCL), Raidel Alfonso Martinez (CIF), Oscar Luis Aveille Olivera (SCL), Eriel Carrillo Suarez (CIF), Pedro Carlos Gonzalez Bermudez (PLA- Rookie) and Yordys Martinez Amaya (REM- Rookie).

The team's coaching staff is made up of Jose Antonio Garcia Unas, the manager; the assistants Michel Perez Bello, Oscar Machado Acosta and Ernesto Ruiz Jimenez (coaches); Jorge Ramon Perez Menendez and Rolando Ruiz (pitching coaches); Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez, the physical trainer, and Ramon Gomez Garcia, the slim.

Jesus Guzman Pinero will be the team doctor; Francisco Figueredo Pinero, the team physiotherapist; Ernesto Fuentes Dominguez, the team psychologist; Jose Miguel Montes de Oca Beltran, the battleship; Rosbel Diaz Rodriguez, statistician and the provincial commissioner Ramon More Flaque.