Cuba changes its sports strategy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

Cuba changes its sports strategy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

As part of the preventive measures to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuba changed on Monday its sports strategy, by postponing the entry of its athletes to the main training centers.

The Cuban Institute of Sports (INDER) announced that 'it will not be on August 15th when the first athletes return to their national centers' of preparation, according to the Jit newspaper website.

On the outlook, Jose Antonio Miranda, high-performance director general of that organization, explained that 'the return of Havana to the phase of limited autochthonous transmission, based on the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, makes the postponement necessary.'

In dialogue with the Jit newspaper, Miranda affirmed that 'the members of the elite pre-selections that reside in other provinces use the available facilities to continue the preparation they maintained at home.'

All this situation occurs when Cuba's main athletes have their sights on the Tokyo Olympic Games, currently scheduled from July 23 to August 8 of the upcoming year, after being postponed in 2020.

In this sense, the director of INDER said that 'the initial intention was to gather the athletes classified or strongly committed' with the Olympic Games, 'to whom the technicians will now assign tasks adjusted to the conditions that favor the stages approved for their territories.'