Scientific Pole of Villa Clara debated on strategic issues for the local development

Scientific Pole of Villa Clara debated on strategic issues for the local development

Two strategic issues for the country were debated at the plenary session of the Productive Scientific Pole of Villa Clara: the medical research and the Computerization and Automation Program of the Society.

At the meeting, chaired by Yoel Perez Garcia, member of the Provincial Bureau of the Party, and Dr. Maria del Carmen Velasco, provincial delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment; the advances in both branches were explained.

Among them, with regard to the medical research, the contributions made by the health experts of Villa Clara in confronting the COVID-19, the results in Biomedical Sciences, the clinical trials, and the promotion of laboratories with advanced technologies, among others, stood out.

However, they insisted on the urgency of strengthening the integration of all sectors, and the strengthening of the ties between the University of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara and the UCLV due to the potential and the scientific level that exists in both centers; as well as the need to accelerate the application of the achieved results, while also promoting the territorial projects, thus eliminating the bureaucratic obstacles, fundamentally with regard to the financing schemes in order to promote the scientific development and the innovation in the territory.

Creating multidisciplinary work groups, and getting clients to obtain the satisfaction to their needs from science, were some of the other claims made at the appointment, in which Dr. Gretza Sanchez, Director of Health in Villa Clara, pointed out that the year 2020 served to revitalize the research schemes, and to integrate science, innovation, and healthcare.

On her part, Dr. Yanet Rodriguez Sarabia, Vice-President of the Interface Company at the UCLV and head of the Computerization and Automation Group in Villa Clara, highlighted the palpable advances in that branch, such as the creation of the Citizen Portal, as one the elements of the Electronic Government, the computerization of the procedures and the services to the population, the advances, which are still insufficient, in the Electronic Commerce, and the approach to strategic sectors, such as the food production, the sugar industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the economic relations with other companies of the territory.

However, she considered that it is necessary to increase the comprehensiveness of these projects, and the social communication, all to make customers aware of the need to computerize their processes, especially today when the country is urged to reduce the imports and to increase exports, she said.

At the conclusions, Yoel Perez Garcia meant that it is important to continue developing science, and to expedite the path of innovation. The greatest strength of Cuba is the human capital formed by the Revolution, there is still a lot of research that needs to come to light and to be applied immediately, we must be more agile and we must open paths, as quickly introducing science and innovation implies more quality in all the processes and more development, which is the essence of what the country needs today, he concluded.