Zero cases of coronavirus in Cuba, although people from China are being studied

Zero cases of coronavirus in Cuba, although people from China are being studied

After an interview, in which a MINSAP official reported on the admission of several people arriving in the country from China, in whom the presence of the coronavirus have not been confirmed; a wave of rumors has been generated over the Internet.

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) informed the Cuban people that, as part of the protection measures established at a national level to prevent the expansion of the coronavirus from any country in the world; several people, who in the last 14 days were in China or in other countries with the confirmed presence of the virus, were put in quarantine.

According to Dr. Francisco Duran, National Director of Epidemiology at the MINSAP, these people presented symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus, and therefore they were admitted to the IPK and to some other hospitals of the island, however it has not confirmed that any of them suffered from the disease, therefore we can say that in Cuba we have no confirmed cases so far, said the specialist.

Duran also explained that, so far, the measures to prevent the disease are those of personal protection because this is a respiratory-transmitted disease for which there is still no effective treatment at the moment.

Until now, a supportive treatment is being applied, explained the specialist, because fever and cough are treated; although since yesterday morning, an article circulates stating the good results of the use of a combination of an antiviral formula featuring an antiretroviral, but that treatment it is undergoing the trial phase in patients.

After the transmission this Monday of an interview in the national news, in which the said MINSAP official offered these statements to transmit calm to the population in the middle of the global alert issued by the World Health Organization, a wave of rumors has been generated over the Internet with the aim at creating confusion among the population.

This is not the first rumor about it. Given the confusion generated by the appearance in the social networks of an information that expresses the existence of a case of coronavirus in Santa Clara, it should be clarified however that it is a man who carries the virus in that county of California, in the United States United.

The confusion was given because the capital of the province of Villa Clara also shares the name of that American county, which generated the false alarm. But to date, there are no cases of coronaviruses in Cuba.