Cuban Museum of Fine Arts rejects demands of some artists

Cuban Museum of Fine Arts rejects demands of some artists

The National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) declared Thursday that it does not accept demands that are not in line with its vocation of service or with the interest of the public to which it works for.

In a note published on its official website, the institution referred to "the request by some Cuban artists that their works, which are part of the Museum's collection, should not be exhibited to the public and should be removed from the institution's website".

According to the document, "the Museum regularly acquires works by Cuban artists of all generations and trends, with funds from the state budget".

It also stresses that the Center has not taken into account any extra-artistic consideration to build a heritage collection of the highest value, aimed at enriching the spiritual life of the population and that what has definitely mattered is the respect for the value of the works, the attachment to the historical contexts, and the understanding of the freedoms associated with the nature of art.

Such way of acting is part of an inclusive and transparent cultural policy, which gives the highest priority to the public's access to the best achievements of Cuban and universal culture, he emphasized.

It also said that "the Museum acquired the works of these creators and gives them a legitimate and profitable use for the citizens. In doing so, a new relationship is established between the pre-existing patrimonial legacy and today's artistic practices. This nexus, vivifying in both temporal senses -past and present- is typical of heritage construction".

No situation outside the museum field can pretend to violate this procedure. In this sense, the Museum does not accept a demand that does not agree with the vocation of service of the institution nor with the interest of the public to which it is owed, it concluded.