Honored the radio hostess Patricia Angelino, as an Artist of Merit at the ICRT

Honored the radio hostess Patricia Angelino, as an Artist of Merit at the ICRT

With her particularly sweet voice, she has performed in almost every radio genre. Patricia's style has defined the voice-over line of Radio Sagua, a radio station with 38 years of history. This is how the local filmmaker Adrian Quintero Marrero commented on Facebook, when also congratulating her, not without first highlighting that Patricia is one of the best female radio hostess in Cuba.

Patricia has received many other congratulations in the recent hours, such as those of the Provincial Defense Council of Villa Clara and of the Provincial Radio Directorate in Villa Clara.

Her colleagues, fellow countrymen, among other have also congratulated her and dedicated beautiful words on the social networks.

The Cuban Radio Portal expanded the information as follows:

We congratulate the workers at the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television throughout the country on the occasion of celebrating this May 24th, the 59th Anniversary of the organization. We deeply appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made by our professionals, technicians and support personnel during all these years, especially in these times of pandemic, for making the broadcast of both radio and television possible.

They are fundamental actors in the accompaniment of our media to the Cuban citizens. Complying with the mandate of the country's highest leadership for the national media has been and still is a guide in the work of the Institute.

Our workers have been able to combine the mission of informing, with that of entertaining and supporting the distance education, in the midst of the difficult circumstances the country is currently going through.

On behalf of the ICRT Presidency, we congratulate you. As part of this celebration, the Artists of Merit of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, corresponding to the year 2021, were also announced. They are:

In Radio: Manuel Vicente Ramirez Heras, Vivian Espino Perez, Virgen Maria Ojeda Benitez, Rosario Flores Corbelle, Julio Duarte Alonso, Maria Antonia Acosta de la Torre, Angel Lorenzo Broche Rueda, Agustina Maribel Nogueira Urrellis, Abel Ramon Molina Montes de Oca, Gelson Querol de la Paz, Yamil Sanchez  Aguilar, Rosa Navarro Pupo, Antonio Luis Caballero Simono, Patricia de Los Angeles Angelino Casas, Maria del Carmen Monteagudo Perez, Guillermo Rolando de la Cruz Gacel.

In Television: Agustin Hernandez Bringa, Alejandro Gil Alvarez, Georgina Botta Diaz, Gina Gonzalez Luaces, Liagne Reyna Perez, Mariela Lopez Galano, Nieves Riovalles Tocabens, Norberto Abreu Lizazo, Osvaldo Huerta, Ramon Andres Pellegrino Casanova, Raquel Mayedo Garcia, Rolando Maseda Dapena, Tamara Castellanos Herrera, Guillermo Franco Reyes, Yazmin Gomez Vazquez.