Declaration of the expanded presidency of the UPEC: The Cuban press will not be silenced

Declaration of the expanded presidency of the UPEC: The Cuban press will not be silenced

The Union of Journalists of Cuba closely follows the actions, in the recent weeks, of the representatives at the service of the Cuban counterrevolution, who have harassed and threatened in the virtual scenarios, while also physically attacked the professionals of our press.

The UPEC, at a meeting of the expanded national Presidency to which the Cuban journalist Humberto Lopez was invited, held via videoconference, agreed to strongly reject these types of action that seeks to tarnish the prestige, the morale, and the commitment of the Cuban journalists, who report on the national news attached to the truth and by following inalienable ethical principles.

An anti-Cuban minority in South Florida, along with its internal wage earners, desperate for the verticality with which their purposes are exposed, seeks to silence the revolutionary press, by subjecting its professionals to both harassment and intimidation and, additionally, undermining the trust of the Cuban people in their public communication system.

Every day we witness the attacks on the Cuban journalists and communication professionals in the social networks. These events are part of the anti-Cuban programs and their media intoxication machines, which enjoy of millionaire budgets to discredit those who defend the truth of the Cuban Revolution.

An example of the crude manipulations that intend to submit the Cuban people was revealed today by the Union of Jurists of Cuba, when unmasking the lie with which the Cuban citizen Yeilis Torres Cruz tried to accredit herself to both the national and the international public opinion as a former prosecutor and a worker of the People's Supreme Court, when she is not even a law graduate. Another inflated and paid lie from the United States based on the daily spectacle to which they intend to submit us.

Among those press colleagues that have been attacked is the Cuban journalist and presenter of the Cuban Television, Humberto Lopez, whom we support in his daily work, denouncing the conduct of the Cuban counterrevolution financed from the United States, with the aim at undermining the national socialist project.

The dignity, the decorum, and the prestige of the Cuban press professionals are present in both Humberto and his family, which was also attacked.

We will not allow any aggressions or threats, and we will defend the physical and moral integrity of the members of the organization, in the legitimate exercise of the freedom of the press enshrined in the Cuban Constitution, the laws and the institutional spirit of the nation.

The communication professionals will not go back one millimeter in our mission to make the truth break through. We have the support of the vast majority of the people for the free and the dignified exercise of the Cuban journalism.

Union of Cuban Journalists,

Havana, May 13th, 2021.