Puppet stories: making theater from a new virtual window

Puppet stories: making theater from a new virtual window

The scenic arts heal the soul, and even when the current state is a general state of emergency, the theater is a way to resist. The Alanimo Theater Group could not remain idle, after setting itself out to bring joy to the local children in a different way.

Thanks to the Puppet Stories Project, since last January, the said puppet company has been releasing its presentations into the social networks. This is how Carmen Margolles Francisco, at the head of the Alanimo Theater Group, explained so.

At the Facebook profile of the Alanimo Theater Group, as well as on its channels in Telegram, and YouTube, you can find in short videos, the recreations of the Aesop's fables along with theater versions of playwrights by writers from Villa Clara, such as Carmen Margolles, Luis Javier Martin, and Caridad Gonzalez, among others.

An important part in each installment is played by the multifaceted actor Yoshdavid Gonzalez Tejeda, who feels an immense pride and respect like few others towards working with children.

Yoshdavid plays Paco, a grandfather who travels imaginatively from town to town to tell stories. Thanks to Paco, there is an invitation to the children at home and their families to continue taking care of themselves to overcome the current pandemic of the COVID-19.