You feel a certain fear of everything you are currently experiencing; but you have to get over it, said Berta Hernandez Caceres, teacher and deputy director of the Lino Perez Elementary School in Camajuani, who could have benefited from the new provisions for labor protection of the vulnerable workers since the beginning of the pandemic, but she did not.

The Marti Provincial Library of Villa Clara celebrates its 96 years with a long presence in the generation of culture, from the imposing presence of a building with more than a century, located at the very heart of the city.

The Ministry of Culture of Cuba and its system of cultural institutions, together with the organizations of art creators, art instructors, and cultural promoters, have decided to support this February 24th the call for our patriotic artists to take over the cultural spaces to pay tribute to those who, in 1895, threw themselves into the redeeming forest shouting “Long Live a Free Cuba”.

Anti-Cuban mercenaries make the mistake of believing that Martí has become nothing more than a statue, an appropriate figure to include in their farces, but he has long since come down from pedestals and walks among his people.

The Palace of the Revolution reopened its doors this Monday to more than twenty Cuban intellectuals and artists who every month meet with the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, to follow up on the agreements of the IX Congress of the UNEAC, held at the end of the 2019.

From the Blue Patio of the UNEAC, headquarter of the artists of Villa Clara, where Tony opened the doors while traced the paths to the local art, culture, and love; a song to life was sung. On the birthday of our eternal Tony Perez Santos, many of those creators who shook his hands so many times, who accompanied his embrace and his gaze as a simple man, a sincere friend, returned to pay tribute to him.