The renowned Cuban singer Ernestina Trimino was decorated on the morning of this Thursday, June 24th, with the replica of the machete of the General Maximo Gomez, which is awarded by the revolutionary armed forces (FAR) to distinguished personalities and institutions from various sectors.

With her particularly sweet voice, she has performed in almost every radio genre. Patricia's style has defined the voice-over line of Radio Sagua, a radio station with 38 years of history. This is how the local filmmaker Adrian Quintero Marrero commented on Facebook, when also congratulating her, not without first highlighting that Patricia is one of the best female radio hostess in Cuba.

A young doctor from Villa Clara combines his work as a specialist physician in Neurology at the Arnaldo Milian Castro University Hospital with the music. The result: “And I keep on walking”, a musical theme that demonstrates its Cubanness and it is a tribute to the difficult and sacrificial work of our health professionals.

With the presence of Ulises Guilarte De Nacimiento, general secretary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC), and Yudi Rodriguez Hernandez, president of the Provincial Defense Council in Villa Clara, the National Vanguard Status was delivered to the branch of Artex in Villa Clara, a recognition received for second consecutive year.

The scenic arts heal the soul, and even when the current state is a general state of emergency, the theater is a way to resist. The Alanimo Theater Group could not remain idle, after setting itself out to bring joy to the local children in a different way.